Honda Marine outboard motors from Alaska Mining and Diving Supply are among the most powerful and reliable boat motors.  High quality materials and strong construction make these motors incredibly durable. The power of these outboard motors can be attributed to their advanced engineering. Additionally, features such as electronic fuel injections and advanced ignition systems contribute to overall power and efficiency of Honda outboard motors. 

Make waves around Alaska with a dependable Honda Marine Outboard Motor

Introducing the Highly Anticipated Honda Marine BF350

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This motor is Honda’s first-ever production V8 engine. Designed to take larger boats further with the most fuel-efficiency possible. This powerful motor has all the performance you need in a sophisticated and visually appealing design.

honda marine

Portable Powerhouses and High Powered Outboards

Honda, a pioneer in 4-stroke outboard motor manufacturing, is still leading the way today. These outboard motors set the standard for customer satisfaction in the boating industry.

Honda Marine Outboard Motors

Honda Marine BF30 and BF25

Suitable for smaller applications the Honda BF30 and BF25 are powerful. These portable motors use Honda sound reducing technology for a quiet boating experience. These models are portable, easy to handle and fuel efficient.

Honda Marine BF135 and BF150

Known for innovative technology Honda Marine outboard motors are no exception. These motors offer increased power for larger boats. The enhanced performance of Honda models like the BF135 and BF150 means longer range, and an increased towing capacity with maximum fuel efficiency.

© 2023 American Honda Motor Co. Inc. Always wear a personal flotation device while boating and read your owner’s manual. All Honda outboards meet EPA and CARB emission levels. 

Honda BF350

Alaska Mining & Diving Supply carries a full line of Honda Outboards you can rely on. See their entire inventory and contact them to learn more about the adventures Honda Outboard Motors can take you on.

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