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Kenai guide trips are part of what we offer at Alaskan Fishing Adventures. Sure, we do a lot more than that, but Kenai River angling is an important part of our portfolio, and we are sure to spend many days fishing the river with two of our properties located on the middle river in Sterling and Soldotna.

Choice Fishing on the Kenai

kenai guides

The Kenai River is unquestionably the most popular fishing river in the state of Alaska. It is an angling Mecca that draws fishermen from around the globe, as well as from within the Great Land. And for good reason! The world record king salmon came from the Kenai; millions of salmon swim into the river each year including kings, reds, pinks and silvers; it hosts amazing populations of both rainbow trout and Dolly Varden char, some of which get truly gargantuan; it’s easy to access and offers three different experiences depending on where in the river you fish (upper, middle and lower). Fishing with a Kenai guide, and ours are some of the best, will put you right in the middle of the action.

kenai guides

Salmon: Sockeye and Silvers

Sockeye and silver salmon are two of the main attractions for Alaskan Fishing Adventures clients when fishing the Kenai. Sockeye begin migrating into the Kenai in June, with two identifiable runs of fish. The second run, which gets a full head of steam in July, generally continues into August. Silvers begin to show up during the back half of the second sockeye run and continue into September. There’s a chance at both salmon species when you fish in the first few weeks of August with a Kenai guide. Both species are incredibly fun to catch and delicious to eat, and their stocks are healthy in the Kenai River.

Kenai guide based trips at our lodge originate from Anglers Lodge in Sterling, allowing us to access stretches of the middle Kenai that don’t get near the traffic as others. We know the waters well, so not only will you enjoy the sights and sounds of the river, but when you fish with a Kenai guide at Alaskan Fishing Adventures, you’ll likely experience the rod-bending action that draws so many anglers to this famed river.

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