Kenai lodge options

Kenai lodge options are numerous in towns like Cooper Landing, Sterling, Soldotna and Kenai, all which border the world famous Kenai River. The 80-mile-long river is home to Chinook, sockeye, coho and pink salmon, as well as rainbow trout and Dolly Varden char. Anglers from around the world visit the Kenai with a chance to catch several of its species. It’s the most popular fishing river in Alaska, so it makes natural sense that there would be many Kenai lodge options on the banks of this scenic, turquoise, glacially-influenced river.

Kenai lodge options

What to consider when choosing a lodge

Kenai lodge owners strive to make their operation stand out from the rest. Factors to consider when comparing these lodges are the quality of the lodging, food, guides and overall way that the lodge operates. The best lodges on the Kenai excel at all these factors. Choosing the one that fits your needs, which also includes your budget, means sorting through the many lodges in operation and asking the right questions.

Alaskan Fishing Adventures

Kenai lodge service levels vary greatly depending on the operation you choose to visit. At Alaskan Fishing Adventures, we offer different levels of service depending on which of our lodges you choose to visit. Anglers Lodge is located in Sterling on the banks of the Kenai in the middle river, and offers an all-inclusive experience including food, lodging and angling. For those who want the flexibility to dine out at the different restaurants in the area for dinner, then our Soldotna B&B Trophy Lodge is the best option. We provide a full breakfast and a spread for anglers to make a fisherman’s lunch to go. Guests are then free to make whatever dinner plans best suit them.

kenai lodge options

Fishing Spots

Guests fishing with our Kenai guides depart from Anglers Lodge in Sterling. We’ve got a big dock to moor our boats and its very convenient for our guests to depart and return from this location. For those that stay at Soldotna B&B Trophy Lodge, it’s just a short drive to Anglers Lodge. Soldotna B&B is conveniently located on the river, near the Kenai River bridge in Soldotna, making it a very centrally located home base for our guests.

A Kenai adventure for all level anglers

Our Kenai lodge options give anglers a choice at the level of service, while still providing all the services needed for an awesome Kenai adventure. Our guides are some of the best on the river and know how to have a great day on the Kenai, how to teach anglers the best techniques for catching Alaska gamefish, are easy to get along with, and great with anglers of all skill levels. Come visit us soon to see how we are among the very best Kenai lodge options in Alaska.