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LeeLock Anchor Systems

Anchor Can Assembly
Now you can set and retrieve your anchor without leaving your seat with the LeeLock #LCA-02 Anchor Can Assembly with 1/2″ Lock. With a simple pull and release of the anchor line you can let your anchor out or pull it up from anywhere in the boat. The patented lock system catches the rope the instant you release it. There’s no jam or tie off cleats to struggle with. It also eliminates the chance of accidental anchor release. Check it out here.

Bow Ladder
The LeeLock #BL-01 Bow Ladder will make getting in and out of your boat whenever you want to go ashore so much easier and safer. Anyone who’s ever had trouble hoisting their leg over the side of a boat will now have quick, simple access to shore and back into the boat. Get more information here.

Columbia River Quick Change Anchor Nest
Going overboard is not an option. Safety and ease of use were our top priorities when we designed the LeeLock #CRN-01 Columbia River Quick Change Anchor Nest. It’s not necessary to lift the anchor to get it in or out of the nest it simply glides in and out without lifting. In addition to accommodating almost any claw or plow anchor it’s also interchangeable with our Anchor Can Assembly, our Bow Ladder and all 3 of our Trolling Motor Mounts.  Each LeeLock Quick Change Anchor Nest is handmade of corrosion resistant anodized aluminum. Click here for more information.

4 Claw Columbia River Anchor
This 4 Claw Columbia River Anchor is designed to dig in and hold in fast moving water. The extra claws grab more efficiently than a 2 claw anchor in a variety of bottoms including sand, mud, rock and weeds. It’s built with a break away design to make retrieving it easy if it gets snagged. The Anchor is made of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion in both salt and fresh water. The square crossbar and shaft are each 1 1/2 x 18 inches, the 4 claws are 2 x 20 inches and it weighs 33lbs. Check it out here.

Trolling Motor Mounts
The LeeLock Motor Mounts (#MK-01, #MK-02, #MK-03) allow you to install your Minn Kota or other brand of bow mount trolling motor in any of the LeeLock Quick Change Bases. Simply slide your Motor Mount on the base and lock it in with the pin. Click here for more information.