Rio Ammunition Less Lethal Rubber Buckshot, Less Lethal Double Rubber Ball and Royal MG Armored Slug RioAmmoLessLethal_thumb.jpg
MSRP: Rubber Buckshot $22.59; Double Ball – $22.19; Slug – $17.99
Rio Ammunition has you covered when fishing in bear country. First option: Scare the brute off with Less Lethal alternatives. The 00 Rubber Buckshot and the Double Rubber Ball are effective out to approximately 20 yards without being lethal, while still delivering a substantial sting. Last resort: When allelse fails the Royal MG Slug has the knockdown power to get home safe. The 1 1/8-ounce projectile causes massive trauma at 1,510 feet-per-second and is extremely accurate at 100 yards due to the design of the rifled “fins” on the jacket. All products are intended for use in smooth bores with open chokes.