Mud Hole MHX Halibut/Saltwater Rod Kit MHXSWK-16-C MudHole_MHX_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $155
This new for 2014 halibut/saltwater rod kit all starts with the new MHX all-carbon SW70XH blank rated 30- to 80 pounds, an American Tackle aluminum reel seat and gimbal, EVA foam grips, and American Tackle Virtus Heavy Guides and top. The MHX Saltwater blank line was custom designed to include models for virtually any pelagic species, and by utilizing multi-modulus carbon and woven carbon fabric, the angler is provided exceptional sensitivity, tremendous power and a lighter fishing rod.

St. Croix Wild River Rods StCroix_WildRiver_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $210-$230
St. Croix has added three highly specialized, extra-heavy power, moderate-action salmon rods to their Wild River series, each designed to provide the strength required when trolling in-line flashers and divers, trolling or in any other situation where you need 12- to 16 ounces of lead or a diver to get down in heavy current. Available in 9-foot; 9-foot, 6-inch; and 10-foot, 6-inch lengths.

HT Enterprises Paddle Pole Series
MSRP: $34.99
HT’s telescopic Paddle Poles are pack-rod designs engineered for anglers using float tubes, paddle boats, canoes or kayaks. Each model features a custom tapered, IM-6 graphite blank, lightweight “D” ring guides and extra-long, super-sensitive ergonomic split-grip EVA handle with cushioned stainless steel hoods, forming the ultimate combination of strength and sensitivity—while providing presentation control when casting and working presentations from a low trajectory. HT Paddle Poles are available in four specialty actions:  6- and 7-foot light-, or 6- and 7-foot medium-action spinning.

Okuma Cold Water Downrigger Rods Okuma_ColdWater_Downrigger_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $89.99-$109
Okuma’s Cold Water rods advance the modern downrigger rod by providing graphite construction that delivers through the hook-set. Cold Water rods begin with 24-ton carbon-fiber rod blanks, and while the material is extremely durable, it also makes it possible to build blanks of smaller diameters, for more responsive rods. The ten all-new models emphasize salmon, steelhead and other large gamefish, such as lake trout, and the series includes technique-specific actions for downriggers, planer boards and Dipsy Divers.

Lamiglas Kenai Kwik XCC965GH Lamiglas_Kenai_Kwik_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $360
This heavy power, moderate-fast action casting rod allows anglers to both offer precise presentations while still having the backbone to tackle the brawniest fish.  The new 9-foot, 6-inch model highlighted here handles lures in the 4- to 12-ounce range and line weights between 15- and 40-pound-test.

Edge Rods StR 1002-2 Drift-and Float Rod EdgeRods_DriftandFloat_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $599
Gary Loomis and his team at Edge Rods have created the most technologically-advanced winter drift-fishing and float rod ever with the StR 1002-2. Every inch of the rod was designed with on-the-water performance in mind, including spiral-wrapped guides, a rod-building technique designed to increase sensitivity, decrease tip wraps and reduce fishing fatigue. Black Pearl Titanium Recoil Guides, an offset Black Widow handle and a 15-degree offset reel seat partner to give even more control and comfort.

Wright & McGill Salmon Series Rods WrightMcGill_salmonseries_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $69.99
Fourteen technique-specific rods comprise the all-new Salmon series of rods from Wright & McGill, each developed to function specifically for popular angling methods. Performance and affordability come through the use of powerful and light IM7 graphite blanks and serious attention to detail when crafting the specific actions. Fuji reel seats and hard-alloy guides, custom cork handles and a 1K woven butt section round out the features.

Winston Boron III TH WinstonBoron_III_TH_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $830-$940
More powerful, more responsive, smoother casting and has faster recovery than the Boron IIx two-handed series it replaces. It allows an angler to present a fly with incredible accuracy and cast long distances with ease.

Okuma Nomad Xpres Travel Rods Okuma_Nomad_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $99.99
Durable graphite rod-blank construction and European spigot ferrule connections highlight the features of these three-section travel rods, which are offered in seven different 7-foot models, which include boat rods and those meant for either salt- or freshwater applications.

Sabiki Stick Herring Rod by Ahi USA SabikiStick_AhiUSA_thumb.jpg
MSRP: $64.99
This 3-piece sectional rod features a hollow bait stick that allows for the entire 6-hook ganion to be wound inside the rod, where it is safely stowed until ready for use. It can be used with either spinning or conventional reels, and two models are available: 7-foot and 8-foot.