Visit Kenai, Alaska; Every year the Kenai River delivers tremendous runs of king, sockeye, pink and silver salmon.

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Kenai Fishing Charter: Alaska Fishing Adventures

Kenai fishing charter companies offer anglers the chance to tangle with some of the fish species swimming in the Kenai River. This world-famous angling mecca is well known for its salmon and Read More...

Kenai Fishing Charter: Alaska Fishing Adventures2023-10-03T13:44:10-08:00

Sockeye Salmon Fishing

Sockeye salmon fishing is an extremely exciting sport. Many anglers consider them the pound-for-pound strongest fish that swims in Alaska. It’s not uncommon for a 7-pound sockeye to make a mockery of Read More...

Sockeye Salmon Fishing2023-07-25T14:16:06-08:00

Kenai River Fishing Guides

Kenai River fishing guide choices abound. It’s no wonder, considering that the Kenai is one of the most awesome and most popular rivers in the state of Alaska. Home to four species Read More...

Kenai River Fishing Guides2023-07-27T07:00:22-08:00

Kenai River King Counts: Mischief Mismanaged

Kenai Late-run King Mismanagement. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) has the monumental job of managing the fisheries of the largest state—by far—in the country. They do this in a place Read More...

Kenai River King Counts: Mischief Mismanaged2023-07-25T14:27:17-08:00

Kenai River Fishing for Silvers

Kenai River fishing for silvers (AKA coho) salmon is hard to beat in southcentral Alaska. The multitude of river access points, boat launches, lodging, camping, dining, local breweries and more make it an easy fishing destination for Alaskans as well as folks who come to visit from outside Alaska. With a bounty of options, it’s the perfect home base for a Kenai Peninsula-wide experience.

Kenai River Fishing for Silvers2023-07-25T14:28:04-08:00

Rainbow Trout Fishing: Early Season on the Kenai

The Middle Kenai in June is a fantastic time to hone your skills on water temperature, CFS, and their effects on trout behavior. The chrome firecrackers will be there to confirm your decision-making process and are sure to put a huge grin on your face.

Rainbow Trout Fishing: Early Season on the Kenai2023-07-25T14:29:16-08:00

Alaskan Fishing Adventures on the Kenai Peninsula

Alaskan Fishing Adventures Story by Marcus Weiner, Photos by Brian Woobank Alaskan Fishing Adventures on the Kenai Peninsula: Good People and Good Angling “That’s as much fun as I’ve ever had with my Read More...

Alaskan Fishing Adventures on the Kenai Peninsula2019-12-31T14:25:48-09:00

Kenai River Fall Trout Fishing

For as many Septembers as I can think back, I’ve gone fall rainbow fishing with Alaska Drift Away Fishing on the Kenai River in search of Walter, their nickname for an elusive, giant, Read More...

Kenai River Fall Trout Fishing2019-05-03T14:19:15-08:00

Kenai River Species

Sportfishing species on Alaska's Kenai River Kenai King Salmon Kenai River Silver Salmon Kenai River Reds Kenai Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden

Kenai River Species2017-11-07T12:44:18-09:00

Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula

Story & Photos by Nick Olrich Early-season fishing on the Kenai Penninsula offers a variety of options for anglers that are itching to get the open-water season underway. The top three options that Read More...

Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula2024-02-06T11:30:30-09:00

Kenai River Fish Stocking Updates

More Kenai River: Overview Articles Fish Species Businesses Fishing Stocking Updates Alaska Fish Stocking Update For Kenai Alaska Lake Fishing Information  Back to Kenai River Area Page

Kenai River Fish Stocking Updates2018-02-17T18:57:24-09:00

Kenai River Area Articles

Kenai River Articles Early-Season Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula Keeping the Kenai King Once & Again the Kenai Lair of the Leviathan Salmon on Read More...

Kenai River Area Articles2017-10-01T15:00:27-08:00
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