Sea Sport 2600 Kodiak

The SeaSport 2600 Series combines a perfect mix of performance, durability, and comfort

Since 1955, SeaSport has been crafting top-of-the-line fiberglass boats. SeaSport is unrivaled in their manufacturing of boats that lead the industry in both durability and quality. SeaSport Boats are truly equipped to handle the roughest of waves so you can hit the water whenever you need.


  • Supreme hybrid for the family cruiser and the avid fisherman
  • Comfortable seating for day trips
  • Expansive V-Berth with 6″ foam bedding
  • Cabin and Cockpit lighting that performs and impresses


  • Luxurious Interior, choose from a plethora of styles, woods, and fabrics
  • Storage for supplies and groceries for all types of entertaining
  • Premium locks for the ultimate in security for family and gear


  • Outfitted or pre-rigged with any engine make or model
  • Best performance with Twin 200
  • Propped correctly from the factory
  • Bracket prepped for kicker if desired

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