Sockeye salmon

Non-Biters or Great Gamefish?

by Jim Teeny

The year 1975 marked my first trip to Alaska. We went in July and I traveled and fished with Dr. Jim Hodson and his son Kip from Redmond, Oregon. Bob and Linda Morton at that time ran a very comfortable Alaskan operation for traveling fishermen. They were based out of the village of Iliamna, a very famous area for trophy trout.

Ahead of us was the unknown, concerning both the fishing and the terrain.

Once we arrived at our destination the first plan was to purchase a license so we could go fishing. We asked many questions about angling prospects and one of them was in regards to the type of salmon running at that particular time. The answer was sockeye. It was explained that they don’t bite, but that we would probably snag them because of the sheer numbers of fish in the river. Both Jim Hodson and I let it be known we did not come to Alaska to snag fish. This content is available for subscribers only.

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