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Here are some of the author’s favorite flies for kings and how to tie them. Check out these king salmon fly tying videos for Alaska’s fly anglers. These how-to fly tying videos include the Prom Dress Intruder Fly, Marabou Tube Fly, Boss or Comet Fly, Prom Dress Tube Fly, Intruder and an Intruder Trailer Fly.

Flies for Alaska Lakes In the February 2014 issue of the Fish Alaska stillwater column I wrote that in general it’s not the fly that produces consistent success in lakes. This holds true for most of

For Alaska’s rainbow trout anglers, who enjoy the luxury of fishing for a species that’s actually interested in eating, the task is to figure out what the prevalent food source is for the area and time of year and then to imitate that food as closely as possible. Anglers should generally choose a fly that […]
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