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Rainbow Trout Fishing: Early Season on the Kenai

The Middle Kenai in June is a fantastic time to hone your skills on water temperature, CFS, and their effects on trout behavior. The chrome firecrackers will be there to confirm your decision-making process and are sure to put a huge grin on your face.

Rainbow Trout Fishing: Early Season on the Kenai2020-06-09T14:54:59-08:00

Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge: A Multi-Species Adventure

Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge: A Multi-Species Adventure Article by Marcus Weiner Photos by Marcus Weiner & Melissa Norris Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge sits on a private parcel of land on a peninsula Read More...

Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge: A Multi-Species Adventure2020-01-29T14:55:40-09:00

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Fishing in Southcentral Alaska

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge & Kenai Riverside Fishing Blog & photos by Dave Maternowski, Alaska Wildland Adventures Fall combo trips: the Kenai Peninsula & Kenai National Wildlife Refuge There’s no shortage of options Read More...

Kenai National Wildlife Refuge Fishing in Southcentral Alaska2020-01-29T12:29:57-09:00

Reel Action Alaska Lodge: Fly Fishing on the Kanektok

Reel Action Alaska Lodge Article by Melissa Norris Background: Perfect king release. © Dustin Saigo Choose the Chosen: A Reel Action Alaska Lodge Fly Fishing Adventure on the Kanektok I am Read More...

Reel Action Alaska Lodge: Fly Fishing on the Kanektok2019-12-31T14:04:41-09:00

Fall Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula

  © Nigel Fox / Alaska Drift Away Fishing Kenai Peninsula Fishing blog by Nigel Fox The turn of the leaves and the cooler temperatures that come at the end of Read More...

Fall Fishing on the Kenai Peninsula2019-08-15T14:17:39-08:00

Advantages of a Roadside Fishery

Kenai River drift boat session. © Nicholas Ohlrich Russian River, Quartz Creek, Deep Creek, Kasilof River, Anchor River, and of course the Kenai River are all world-class fisheries that host thousands Read More...

Advantages of a Roadside Fishery2019-07-18T16:26:36-08:00

Iliamna Excursion at Talarik Creek Lodge

A nice Dolly from the lower Newhalen River. © Melissa Norris Day-tripping Lake Clark, the Newhalen River, and the Tazimina River When I learned I’d be visiting Talarik Creek Lodge in Read More...

Iliamna Excursion at Talarik Creek Lodge2019-02-21T13:02:24-09:00

Anchorage Lakes

Fishing in Anchorage Lakes by Dustin Slinker Open Water Fishing in Anchorage Lakes (April-October) Many of the lakes in the Anchorage bowl are easily accessed, with ample shoreline to fish along and public Read More...

Anchorage Lakes2019-02-21T12:17:18-09:00

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers: Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Blog Series by Mac Lightfoot For Mac, steelhead fishing is the pinnacle of cold-water sportfishing. He’s already spent time at Rainbow Trout Anonymous getting off the Read More...

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers2018-11-26T13:03:47-09:00

Best Alaska Fishing Guides

Best Alaska Fishing Guides by Region When it comes to choosing the best Alaska fishing guide or service, you can trust that Fish Alaska’s preferred guides & charters are expert-approved and able to Read More...

Best Alaska Fishing Guides2021-12-20T13:23:50-09:00

The Little Big Things: Up Your Trout Game

This 35.5-inch rainbow trout was caught after spotting a new school of salmon on the fish finder. © Alaska Drift Away Fishing Story & Photos by Jeremy Anderson The sun is Read More...

The Little Big Things: Up Your Trout Game2018-04-11T10:41:56-08:00

192 Years of Trout Secrets

Tips and observations from some of the top guides and anglers on the Kenai River Mike Brown, Fly Shop Owner Mossy’s Fly Shop Email: mbrown@mossysflyshop.com Number of years on the Kenai: 25 years The Kenai Read More...

192 Years of Trout Secrets2018-04-19T09:28:35-08:00

Destination Talkeetna

by Troy Letherman Meaning “river of plenty” in the Dena’ina language, the area near the present site of Talkeetna offered an abundant harvest for the Athabasca Indians who originally inhabited the area, hunting Read More...

Destination Talkeetna2019-01-16T16:28:10-09:00


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