How to Catch Halibut

How to Catch Halibut blog by Tim Bouchard Everyone wants to know how to catch halibut. There have been whole books written on this topic and years of trial and error by anglers. Read More...

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Halibut Fishing Alaska

Halibut is the largest and the most sought-after sportfish in Alaska. Charters, rental boats, and private boats venture out daily during the summer season all across Alaska from Ketchikan to Adak targeting these Read More...

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Best Alaska Fishing Guides and Charters

Best Alaska Fishing Guides and Charters by Region When it comes to choosing the best Alaska fishing guide or service, you can trust that Fish Alaska’s preferred guides & charters are expert-approved and Read More...

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Alaska Air Services

Alaska Air Services When it comes to choosing the best Alaska flight service, you can trust that Fish Alaska’s preferred businesses are expert-approved and able to make your Alaska trip a success. Our Read More...

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Visit Valdez

Story by Troy Letherman Tucked deep into towering mountains, within a short kayak paddle of several tidewater glaciers and pushed snug against Port Valdez—a natural fjord reaching inland about 11 miles from Prince Read More...

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Fishing in Valdez

Discover Valdez, Alaska; a welcoming community with gorgeous, panoramic Alaska scenery. Surrounded almost completely by the majestic Chugach Mountains, Valdez is located at the head of a beautiful glacial fjord that leads to Read More...

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Valdez, Alaska

Valdez Fish Derbies Prince William Sound May 23, 2016 60 POUNDERS LEAD THE WAY IN VALDEZ HALIBUT DERBY VALDEZ, Alaska – Anglers returning to Port Valdez did so with sunburns the opening weekend Read More...

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Valdez Fish Stocking Updates

More Valdez: Overview Articles Businesses Fishing Stocking Updates Fishing Reports Alaska Fish Stocking Update for Valdez (see Prince William Sound) Alaska Lake Fishing Information   Back to Valdez Area Page

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Kayaking for Silver

Kayaking for Silver Story & Photos by Doug Wilson Valdez outfitter and guide Otto Kulm was doing a Nantucket sleigh ride, silver-salmon style. There wasn't a wake from the bow of his 16-foot Read More...

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Alaska Traveler: Valdez, Alaska

For the staff of Fish Alaska magazine, though based in the Anchorage bowl, going to Valdez feels like coming home. In Valdez, it seems friends can be found around every corner; in some Read More...

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A Tale of Two Derbies

Valdez Halibut Derby Two tales from a previous year of the Valdez Halibut Derby. by Marcus Weiner "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age Read More...

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Valdez Halibut Fishing

Halibut Alaska halibut is the largest of all flatfish and one of the most preferred white fish to catch and eat. The average halibut weighs 15 to 50 pounds but we like halibut Read More...

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At the End of the Road: Valdez

At the End of the Road: Valdez by Troy Letherman It’s not ironic by any exact definition, but for some reason it feels at least oddly coincidental that my last big trip of Read More...

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Other Valdez Fish Species

Salmon Shark Salmon shark are a member of the mackerel shark family and resemble the Great White. Salmon shark have dark grey backs, with dark blotchy patches on their sides, and white bellies. Read More...

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