The Lodge at 58° North
By Melissa Norris
Photos provided by The Lodge at 58° North

The magnitude of this undertaking was not totally clear to Kate and Justin Crump until it was all said and done and the first guests arrived last June. The Lodge at 58° North has been a glimpse on the horizon for years for the married fishing guides who are known for their expert fishing service and for being great humans.

The Crumps have run a steelhead fishing lodge on the Oregon Coast during the winter that they started years ago while also running their fishing guide service based in King Salmon, Alaska during the summer season. They fish on the Naknek River and guide fly outs through out the Bristol Bay region. 

A Dream Taking Shape

For years the Crumps had been trying to buy an older DIY lodge with riverfront location with the plan to rehabilitate the property into a new, modern facility with a pile of top end amenities. And last fall they finally closed on the property. 

That’s when the massive amount of work ensued. In between September and June the entire lodge was created. The Crumps hit it hard last fall deconstructing and preparing the cabins for their rebirth. They also poured the foundation for the brand new main lodge building.

The Lodge at 58° North

The winter brought no rest. It was a mad dash to design and select, then procure and ship furniture and building materials. Kate found herself at a whole new level of organization. The real work began when the Crumps arrived in King Salmon in early April. The thanks goes to an amazing group of friends and family, an extremely hard working construction crew, and the wonderful weather last spring that allowed the building schedule to flow smoothly.

Authenticity and Style

Guest comments from their first season carried a few common messages. It was said often that the open hearts of the tightknit crew and deep bond among the staff affects the guests and makes them feel like part of their family. 

They also received a lot of feedback that the lodge has a cool vibe in that it is aesthetically pleasing but it is also thoughtful and casual. Over and over they have heard from guests how much they love the bedding and the beds. Several guests have purchased both since they stayed there.

A Divine Experience

The meals were raved about often with Chef Jason Brown in the driver’s seat. Dishes are perfectly proportioned, lovingly made, thoughtfully curated and prepared with very clean ingredients. Curried king salmon, braised lentil and chickpea, ginger carrot purée, with kefir lime vinaigrette is an example of a main dish meant to showcase these facets.

Another comment that was across the board consistent was appreciation for the lodge’s pilot Chris, his care and safety, and the impeccably maintained Dehavailland Beaver.

The fishing program arranged for guests of The Lodge at 58° North is top quality with the airplane at their disposal to fish any number of amazing Bristol Bay streams and tributaries. They fish the Nushagak for kings each spring and they also spend days on their homewater the Naknek River that is home to trophy rainbow trout, char and solid salmon runs. 

Booking Your Visit

With a maximum of eight guests per week, Alaska’s newest luxury fly out fishing lodge is a top shelf experience for those who want to fish and experience Alaska’s Bristol Bay.

These folks are fairly well booked with their repeat clients over the years but thanks to the lodge creation they can accommodate a few more guests. There is some limited availability in June, July and August. Reach out through their website

Melissa Norris is Publisher and Owner of Fish Alaska and Hunt Alaska magazines.