August  11 The salmon are coming in thick now, Valdez Outfitters providing the rental boats to get these folks to the fishing grounds.

August  9 This family had a great day on the water using a rental boat provided by Valdez Outfitters.

August 8 The silver salmon season is picking up for clients using Valdez Outfitters.

August 7  Salmon, rockfish and shrimp for the group on a rental boat yesterday using Valdez Outfitters.

August 4  Great weather and good fishing using Valdez Outfitters.

August 3 The silvers are here!

August 2 August is off to a great start with these angler using Valdez Outfitters.

August 1  Nice haul of halibut for these folks using Valdez Outfitters.

July 29 The weather broke, the salmon are coming in and some nice looking fish being caught using the rental boats with Valdez Outfitters.

July 25 The weather has not been great but folks still had luck fishing using Valdez Outfitters.

July 15  The rental boats with Valdez Outfitters brought in some nice fish including this halibut.

July 13 The weather was good and the fishing was even better for these anglers using Valdez Outfitters.

July 6 Valdez Outfitters provided the rental boat for this family to spend the day on the water catching this great looking fish.

July 4 The forth of July was a huge day with so many friends and family out fishing over the holiday weekend with Valdez Outfitters.

July 3 Valdez Outfitters provided the rental boat for this family fishing trip that they will not soon forget.

July 2 Valdez Outfitters kicking off July with lots of smiles while bringing in lots of piles of fish!

June 23 This big ol barn door of a halibut was brought in with Valdez Outfitters.

June 22 Valdez sure is a beautiful place and such a great place to fish all these multi species beauties using Valdez Outfitters.

June 21 Summer Solstice brought lots of sunshine and fish for the anglers using Valdez Outfitters.

June 19 Some great looking fish including a WOLF fish coming off the rental boats by Valdez Outfitters.

June 17 Great weather with great people always means great fishing with Valdez Outfitters.

June 14 Lots of fish coming in the boats this week with Valdez Outfitters, just look at the size of all those halibut.

June 13 Just look at these proud anglers showing off their catch using rental boats supplied by Valdez Outfitters.

June 6 Valdez Outfitters putting families on fish after another great day of fishing.

May 31 Valdez Outfitters did a great job filling all the boats over the extended holiday weekend.

May 25 Valdez Outfitters bringing in the fish this month with these great hauls today.

May 23  Summer fishing season has kicked off in Valdez, great weather and great fishing today with Valdez Outfitters.