The SUV of the H2O
All aboard this sport utility vessel. On the Weldcraft 202 Rebel with a new hard top option, there’s room, flexibility, power and determination to get a large group of fun-seekers just about anywhere. Friends and family are welcome to come along as well. The Rebel is a roomy, well-appointed sport boat with a surprising level of quality and value. Other competitive models just don’t measure up. At 22’5”, this Weldcraft is perfect for big-water pursuits. Bring on the wind chop, then let the 14° transom deadrise and 30° bow entry deadrise go to work softening the ride. The reverse chine bottom-planes effortlessly, creating lift for a ride that’s dry, predictable and sure-handling. The interior space is enhanced with 37.5” sides, a full-width transom and fully welded hard top. Taken together, all these features — and plenty not mentioned here — make the 202 Rebel supremely versatile. Let your nautical imagination command the H2O.

Hard Top models are a Weldcraft specialty. Built soundly for decades on larger models and now available on the 202 Rebel. A hard top adds a level of comfort and security that is above all else. You’ll always be dry regardless of the weather.

New on all Weldcraft models is a stylishly, modern dash featuring chrome bezel and black-faced gauges. The ergonomic design makes it easier than ever to monitor performance and steer your course toward that prized salmon, trout or bass.

Length (overall)                  
22′ 5″ 
Height of Sides
37.5″ x .125″ (5052)
Bottom Width
72″ x .190″ (5052)
Approx. Dry Weight
2250 lbs
30° bow, 24° fwd, 14º transom
Fuel Capacity
42 USG diurnal fuel system