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Nushagak Sockeye and Kings

Story by Melissa Norris Photos by Brian Woobank Sockeye fishing may not be what the Nushagak is best known for, but the runs have been so off the charts these last couple Read More...

Nushagak Sockeye and Kings2023-01-05T17:55:55-09:00

Talarik Creek Lodge: Hunting for Trophy Rainbow Trout

Article and Photos by Erik Salitan of Talarik Creek Lodge "Fish On!” I yelled out. My 11-year-old son, Lucas, immediately shouted back from across the hole, “Is it a rainbow?”   I answered Read More...

Talarik Creek Lodge: Hunting for Trophy Rainbow Trout2022-01-12T12:06:42-09:00

King Salmon Fishing: Nushagak King Camps We Love

Alaska king salmon fishing is unsurpassable on the Nushagak River in Bristol Bay. Here are four outfitters Fish Alaska trusts to host you.

King Salmon Fishing: Nushagak King Camps We Love2020-12-18T14:43:47-09:00

Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge: A Multi-Species Adventure

Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge: A Multi-Species Adventure Article by Marcus Weiner Photos by Marcus Weiner & Melissa Norris Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge sits on a private parcel of land on a peninsula Read More...

Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge: A Multi-Species Adventure2020-01-29T14:55:40-09:00

Naknek River Salmon Fishing with Fox Bay Lodge

Background photo by Mark Emery. Inset photo by Melissa Norris. Nestled on the famed Naknek River in King Salmon, Alaska, Fox Bay Lodge provides the ultimate in Naknek River salmon fishing—and Read More...

Naknek River Salmon Fishing with Fox Bay Lodge2019-03-18T16:14:40-08:00

Iliamna Excursion at Talarik Creek Lodge

A nice Dolly from the lower Newhalen River. © Melissa Norris Day-tripping Lake Clark, the Newhalen River, and the Tazimina River When I learned I’d be visiting Talarik Creek Lodge in Read More...

Iliamna Excursion at Talarik Creek Lodge2019-02-21T13:02:24-09:00

Naknek Lady Fishing Guides

Nowhere is sport fishing more common among women than in Alaska. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that there are also some well-known, successful female Naknek fishing guides. For example, one outstanding example Read More...

Naknek Lady Fishing Guides2018-12-27T15:17:40-09:00

This is the Naknek

Naknek Article by Troy Letherman In late September in southwest Alaska, the trees and tundra swap summer green for the polychromatic brocade of fall; the skies darken and low-handing clouds promise rain that might Read More...

This is the Naknek2018-12-21T11:49:42-09:00

Packrafting the Goodsnews

Packrafting the Goodsnews By Larry Bartlett There’s nothing that gets the season started better than an epic adventure in southwest Alaska, home to some of Alaska’s most prolific fisheries, located in some of Read More...

Packrafting the Goodsnews2018-12-21T11:55:16-09:00

A Journey to Wood-Tikchik

A Journey to Wood-Tikchik By Dave Atcheson As the floatplane ascends and banks, wings waving in farewell, I try to ignore the slight pang of uneasiness that wells up. It’s the realization of Read More...

A Journey to Wood-Tikchik2017-09-30T17:22:12-08:00

Moraine Creek Strategies

Moraine Creek Strategies By Larry Tullis Wading chest deep across the swift, clear current spooked numerous big rainbows, but I didn’t dare backup. The big brown bear was now just a couple rod-lengths Read More...

Moraine Creek Strategies2017-09-30T17:18:39-08:00

Chinook Bonanza on the Nushagak

By Marcus Weiner After nearly 15 years spent traipsing around Alaska, we find ourselves coming back to places where the fishing was hot, the guides exceptional and the lodges top-notch. Such is definitely Read More...

Chinook Bonanza on the Nushagak2017-10-10T12:36:05-08:00
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