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Interior Silver Salmon

  Coho salmon, commonly referred to as silver salmon, are the second least abundant of the Pacific salmon, after Chinook, and within the 49th state, silvers range continuously from the far southern panhandle Read More...

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Fairbanks Northern Pike

Northern Pike Northern pike are opportunistic, voracious feeders programmed to eliminate the weak, and their keen predatory disposition is matched with endowments perfectly suited for the job. Fish are the preferred fodder for Read More...

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Fairbanks Arctic Char

Fairbanks Arctic char are available throughout the Alaska angling season (including being a primary ice-fishing quarry for these area anglers. Primarily a stillwater fish, Arctic char will be found in different parts of Read More...

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Fairbanks Rainbow Trout

Rainbow Trout One of Alaska (and the world’s) most popular gamefish, the rainbow trout is not indigenous to the Tanana or Yukon drainages, but the species has been successfully stocked in more than Read More...

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Fairbanks King Salmon

King Salmon The least abundant of the five species of North America’s Pacific salmon—albeit also the largest—the Chinook salmon range south from near Point Hope just north of Kotzebue Sound to the Islands Read More...

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Fairbanks Lake Trout

Lake Trout Lake trout, the largest of the char, are also Alaska’s largest resident freshwater fish, routinely reaching weights beyond 20 pounds. They are extremely opportunistic predators, preying on almost any obtainable food Read More...

Fairbanks Lake Trout2017-10-01T08:40:59-08:00

Fairbanks Grayling

Grayling Without a doubt, the most distinctive characteristic of Arctic grayling is the large, sail-shaped dorsal fin that has come to signify the fish for so many. If the fish has another signature Read More...

Fairbanks Grayling2017-10-01T08:37:29-08:00
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