Best fishing knives are essential tools for anglers to efficiently clean and prepare their catch. With durable blades and ergonomic handles, these knives make the task of filleting fish easier and more precise. The team at Fish Alaska magazine tested in the field and these are our picks.

Best Fishing Knives

Best Fishing Knives and Cutting Tools

Best Fishing Knives

Beckman Fillet Knives BFK-8

Beckman’s new fillet knives are a nice addition to the company’s product line. We tested the 8-inch knife and were impressed with how comfortable the handle feels. The stainless-steel blade on this model is fairly stout, allowing us to fillet big salmon with ease. We like that the blade is treated with a PTFE coating which should help with long term corrosion resistance. These new Beckman knives come in 3 sizes: 7”, 8” and 9” blade lengths, and all come with a vented sheath.

Best Fishing KnivesGerber Rigor

The Rigor is a large knife with a stiff, 11” full-tang scimitar-style blade. It features Gerber’s HydroTread Grip, a protective sleeve with retention strap, and SALT Rx to help withstand harsh saltwater environments with added corrosion resistance. This is a great knife for big, heavy cutting jobs—steaking fish, slicing off fins, etc. If you fillet fish by cutting through the rib bones, this knife is a great tool for that as well.

Best Fishing Knives

Spyderco Counter Critter

This kitchen knife is a handy multipurpose tool. We’ve been using the Counter Puppy for many years and were excited to try out the new big brother. The Counter Critter measures 8.39” long with a 3.95” blade. We tested both the PlainEdge and SpyderEdge models and liked them both. The injection-molded handles are comfortable in the hand and the elongated blade makes this a very useful tool in our tester’s kitchen. Spyderco continues to expand their excellent culinary knife offering.

Best Fishing Knives

Promar Oyster & Scallop Knife AC-185

This knife has a 3-3/4” stainless-steel blade and a robust, easy-to-grip polypropylene handle. The blade is thick, blunt, and it is dull—by intention. We’ve used this knife to shuck razor clams, and we like that we can remove the clams from the shells without blanching (partially cooking) the clams. The result of shucking the clams without blanching is a better-quality product, and one less step from sand to satisfaction.

Best Fishing Knives

Benchmade Bugout 535-3

The Bugout has been upgraded to include a milled carbon-fiber handle, premium S90V super steel blade, and signature blue highlights. It has a 3.24” drop-point blade, a pocket clip (tip-up carry, ambidextrous), and a lanyard hole. This knife is great for everyday carry, and the blade is large enough to dress deer-sized game. Like all Benchmade knives, it comes with LifeSharp Services—they’ll resharpen it to a factory edge for free for the life of the knife.