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Get Alaska’s #1 fishing magazine, covering all aspects of angling in the Last Frontier, from fly fishing to conventional applications, in freshwater or salt – or even on the ice! Whether you’re an Alaskan Read More...


Where to Fish Saltwater Silvers in Alaska

Top Ocean Coho Destinations by Marcus Weiner Alaska is replete with saltwater fishing destinations, where salmon and bottomfish can be found in amazing numbers. In several locations, anglers can catch both salmon and Read More...

Where to Fish Saltwater Silvers in Alaska2018-01-03T14:35:32-09:00

Fish Finder, Friend or Foe?

A fish finder is an instrument used to locate fish underwater by detecting reflected pulses of sound energy. Today’s standards use a graphical display to locate schools of fish, temperature, debris and the Read More...

Fish Finder, Friend or Foe?2018-09-27T15:57:57-08:00

Salmon Season Success

Story & Photos By Troy Buzalsky In the May 2017 issue of Fish Alaska, Troy Buzalsky penned a Boats Column dedicated to helping boating anglers achieve salmon-season success, detailing several techniques to get the job Read More...

Salmon Season Success2018-01-03T14:42:12-09:00


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