April 2016 | Fly Fishing Special

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Top 10 Flies for Kings
by Mike Lunde 36

King salmon flies are defined by functionality as much as creativity, and in this comprehensive feature, Mike Lunde offers his top 10 selections for Alaska’s Chinook, as well as several patterns deserving of an honorable mention at least. These are flies of massive reputation that should not be forgotten on any king salmon fly-fishing expedition across Alaska.

The Ants of Nome
by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf 46

Ants are one of the best-known terrestrials of the fly-tying world, and where present, Alaska’s Arctic grayling go nuts over them. So, particularly if you’re fishing the famous grayling of the Nome road system, put away the bulky mice and the grasshopper and beetle imitations, and welcome the ant.

Tough as Nails: Engineering
Flies to Survive Alaska
by Jason Rivers 52

Alaska and its variety of fisheries is hard on flies, and tying patterns tough enough to endure multiple trips on the state’s waters first requires developing some problem-solving skills in your fly-tying. Here, Jason Rivers illuminates a step-by-step process to help in creating tougher flies able to withstand all of what Alaska has to offer.

Swinging Southeast
by Ben Paull 58

In southeast Alaska, swinging often looks a little different, but for diehard salmon and steelhead anglers venturing into this majestic coastal rainforest, it really doesn’t matter. You’re not swinging; you’re not competing for style points. You’re fishing. Let Ben Paull explain the finer points.

Alaska Small Stream
& River Fishing
byTerry Wiest 64

Smaller rivers and streams require a little footwork but present anglers with varied opportunity. It may be easier to travel by drift boat and fish long deep-river runs, but here you can see the fish, see the structure and make pinpoint casts to the targets you’ve singled out.