August / September 2010 | Coho When & How

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Fish Alaska Travel: Coho by Land, Sea & Air

Join Dave Vedder as he explores the fishing wonders of Icy Bay three ways. Fishing here is unlike anywhere on earth.

Fish Alaska Fly: Flies to Take to Heaven 

Fly expert Angelo Peluso has gathered 14 of his all-time favorite flies and shares the inspiration and secrets with you.With photos of flies tied by their creators, or masters of the craft.

Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Turn Silvers ON with Jigs

by JD Richey

Southeast Alaska provides an angelic coho experience for contributing FA editor JD Richey. Jigs made these salmon crazy!

Coho Strategies

by Scott Haugen

Sometimes it’s not where you fish, but how you fish. Here are some tips from Scott Haugen that might change the way you fish for silvers.

Fish Alaska Technique: Conditional Silver Salmon

by Fred Telleen

Fred Telleen works through all the challenges of fly fishing for silvers from fish that won’t bite to those that just won’t stay off the line.

The When & How of Freshwater Coho

by Greg Brush

Guide and contributing FA editor Greg Brush has documented seven ways to better coho fishing. From topwater Wogging to back-trolling plugs, these proven techniques will get you fish.

Skinny Water

by Terry Sheely

Before the snow, when freshwater runs low, it often pays to seek out silvers. Just the bears and you. Terry W. Sheely takes you there.

COVER/ Publisher Melissa Norris with a nice Kodiak silver. © Cheryl Kindwall