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Recipe Contest Winners

Publisher Melissa Norris makes a true confession and proceeds to present the winning recipes from our 2006 Fish Alaska Recipe Contest.

Recipe: Oriental Halibut Salad


10 Deadly Flies 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

If you are planning your trip to Alaska to fish, be sure your fly box includes plenty of these.

Kayaking for Silver 

by Doug Wilson

A silent approach in Valdez produces some pretty spectacular results. Here’s how.

Kodiak Kings 

by Brian O’Keefe

Photographer Brian O’Keefe shows us the spectacle of Kodiak monsters taken in both freshwater and salt.

Your First Trip 

by Gary Olsby

A basic planning guide for your first Alaska fishing expedition. Gary Olsby shows you how to make the best of your “trip of a lifetime.”

Choosing the Right Guide 

by GregBrush

Guide Greg Brush offers some excellent advice on the selection of one of the most important people on your trip. Choose well.

Vibrax: An Alaska Tradition 

by Bill O’Brien

The ubiquitous Vibrax. If you’ve fished Alaska you’ve probably used one. If you haven’t – here’s why we all use them – they work!

Spawn Bags 

by Dave Kilhefner

When spawning time is here, this is the item that does the job. Here Dave Kilhefner shows you just how to make bags that work wonders.

COVER / Dr. Steve Wells of Toronto, Ontario, with a beautiful rainbow. © Steve Wells