June 2009 | All About the Salt


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Fish Alaska Freshwater: It’s Good to be King 

by Greg Thomas

Join Greg Thomas as he revisits fishing for king salmon all over the state of Alaska.

Fish Alaska Travel: Going Back 

by Les Palmer 

Reliving adventures in Prince William Sound with Les Palmer.

Telling Stories 

by Andrew Cremata 

Stepping back in time to an unspoiled Alaska in Pelican with Andrew Cremata.

Olga Bay Adventure

by John Page Williams 

Surrounded by the beauty of Kodiak Island, and lots and lots of fish, John Page Williams and his crew catch their quota.

Fish Alaska Saltwater: Halibut On Your Own

by Joe Byers 

Southeast Alaska offers great fishing from small boats that season those tasty fillets with extra fun. Join Joe Byers on this deep-sea excursion.

Trophy Lings & Yelloweye 

by James Fraioli 

The waters of the Gulf of Alaska can be primal, rugged, and rough, but so are the enormous lingcod and yelloweye rockfish that make this cold-water domain home. James Fraioli fishes Montague Island.

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