March 2016 | Annual Gear Issue

March 2016 Issue


Fish Alaska Online 6

Fishing for a Compliment 8

Tackle Tech 16

Salmon Sense 20

EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle 24

Fish Alaska Fly 26

Fish Alaska Boats 28

Fish Alaska Saltwater 34

Fish Alaska Stillwater 38

Fish Alaska Recipe 118

Advertiser Index 120

Final Drift 122


Editors’ Choice Awards 40

From chasing kings in Ketchikan and hauling halibut onboard outside Homer to long casts for hefty trout in Iliamna country, Fish Alaska’s editors have been at it again in 2015, and here is an entire range of reviews on the best of the best we handled in 2015.

New Gear 2016 78

No matter the size of your gear room, everyone needs something new every year, and 2016 has a lot to offer on the equipment front, with dozens of new products simply too awesome to pass up. It’s all here in these pages, so get to reading and get those wishlists started.

Retailer’s Choice Awards 100

No one knows better which products sell to Alaska anglers and why than those who do it for a living, and here’s what our state’s retailers are saying about their favorite pieces of gear from the past year.

Anchoring in Current
by George Krumm 108

Anchoring, especially pulling the anchor, is probably the most dangerous time you’ll spend on the water, though many don’t realize it. This article will describe the equipment and methods for anchoring safely and effectively in two specific situations involving heavy current, including the methodology and equipment used for each.

You’re Doing it Wrong
by Andrew Cremata 112

They say that one of the hardest things for a man to do is let go of his old habits. Doing things wrong is a method that will work in just about every angling situation. If you travel to a fishing destination where you’ve never been before, it makes sense to seek out local knowledge. However, if you walk onto a pier where 50 anglers are doing the same thing, and not one of them has managed to get a bite, it might be a good time to try something else.