Respect Fish and Fellow Anglers

For those of you skimming for the cliff notes, here’s the short takeaway: Recognize and appreciate that you are in a world-class fishery and treat it and your fellow anglers as such.

Respect Fish and Fellow Anglers2020-11-13T15:34:15-09:00

Flashers: Pro-Trollin’ Proficiency

Flashers: Pro-Trollin' Proficiency Story & photos by George Krumm This Chinook couldn't resist a Hot Tamale Original Super Bait. Flashers: the hottest current technique for icing Chinook and coho salmon up Read More...

Flashers: Pro-Trollin’ Proficiency2020-01-17T09:38:10-09:00

Feeder Kings: Pursuing Saltwater Kings

Feeder Kings blog by John Averill Pursuing saltwater feeder king salmon in southcentral Alaska It was mid-September 2018 in Kenai, Alaska and we were experiencing a 100-year weather event. It had been sunny Read More...

Feeder Kings: Pursuing Saltwater Kings2019-11-20T09:04:10-09:00

Using Rockfish Descenders

Any rockfish brought up from depths of 60 feet or more will suffer barotrauma. © EcoLeeser Going Down - Descenders for Rockfish Rockfish Descenders blog by George Krumm Rockfish descenders (aka Read More...

Using Rockfish Descenders2019-07-12T14:45:16-08:00

How-To Fishing Videos

Check out these videos exploring how-to fishing tips, tricks, and techniques in Alaska.

How-To Fishing Videos2021-01-20T09:12:46-09:00

Bear Safety Defense

What it's like to take a bear defense course I’ve been interested in bear protection and a bear defense course for a while, mostly because just the mere thought of surprising a bear Read More...

Bear Safety Defense2019-06-01T10:37:28-08:00

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers: Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Blog Series by Mac Lightfoot For Mac, steelhead fishing is the pinnacle of cold-water sportfishing. He’s already spent time at Rainbow Trout Anonymous getting off the Read More...

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers2018-11-26T13:03:47-09:00

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 1

Gifts for fishermen in 2018 It’s that time of year again when people across the country are hard at work figuring out what gifts to give their angling-crazed friends and family. We put Read More...

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Pt. 12018-12-28T15:15:28-09:00

Back Trolling Setups for Alaska Salmon Fishing

Blog Post by Jeremy Anderson When I think of back trolling for salmon on the Kenai or Kasilof River I think of a relaxing day interrupted by organized chaos in the boat. Telling Read More...

Back Trolling Setups for Alaska Salmon Fishing2018-05-07T12:12:26-08:00

Lessons Learned in 2014

By Marcus Weiner Anglers are curious people by nature: ever eager to find new hotspots, learn new techniques, fish new rods or tinker with tackle. It's these innovations that drive advances in the Read More...

Lessons Learned in 20142017-10-08T12:36:38-08:00

The Care and Feeding of Your Fishing Guide

At my age there are really only three reasons to get up at 3:00 A.M., and two of them are not voluntary:  to go to the bathroom, to check out the noises in Read More...

The Care and Feeding of Your Fishing Guide2017-10-09T09:23:54-08:00

Tips for Rigging your Boat

Spring is here! Time to wake your boat from its winter hibernation, or for some, time to shop around for a new boat. Either way now is a great occasion to think about Read More...

Tips for Rigging your Boat2018-05-07T12:26:12-08:00

How to Find a Fishing Guide

Blog Post by Chuck Brady A friend from the Lower 48 called to announce he was coming to Alaska with his dad and brother to do some fishing and, by the way, was Read More...

How to Find a Fishing Guide2017-10-09T12:15:20-08:00
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