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Going Down – Descenders for Rockfish Rockfish Descenders blog by George Krumm Rockfish descenders (aka descending devices) are becoming required for some groups of fishermen and anyone fishing for bottomfish in parts of Alaska in 2019. Rockfish descenders are becoming required for everyone, everywhere, because descenders are undoubtedly the best tool we have in the […]

What it’s like to take a bear defense course I’ve been interested in bear protection and a bear defense course for a while, mostly because just the mere thought of surprising a bear to the poi

Steelhead Fishing Bloopers: Adventures of Mac Lightfoot Blog Series by Mac Lightfoot For Mac, steelhead fishing is the pinnacle of cold-water sportfishing. He’s already spent time at Rainbow Trout Anonymous getting off the ‘bow addiction, but the anadromous version of said species is just too much for Mac’s addictive personality. So the itch is strong […]

Gifts for fishermen in 2018 It’s that time of year again when people across the country are hard at work figuring out what gifts to give their angling-crazed friends and family. We put our heads tog

By Marcus Weiner Anglers are curious people by nature: ever eager to find new hotspots, learn new techniques, fish new rods or tinker with tackle. It’s these innovations that drive advances in the sport, which ultimately result in more fish and happier anglers. Listed are a variety of lessons we learned in 2014. Email […]
Spring is here! Time to wake your boat from its winter hibernation, or for some, time to shop around for a new boat. Either way now is a great occasion to think about putting together a pure, fish-catching machine. Depending on which body or bodies of water you will be fishing, make sure your watercraft […]

Blog Post by Chuck Brady A friend from the Lower 48 called to announce he was coming to Alaska with his dad and brother to do some fishing and, by the way, was I going to be around to show him some go

Blog Post by Steve Meyer Do you ever think to yourself—especially after about the second fish of the day: “Wouldn’t it be great if these guys weren’t slicked over with slime?” No matter how much you rinse each fish off before hitting the cleaning table, it’s still there. Rather amazing really. The slime is actually […]

Today’s casting tip comes from Jeff Hickman, professional guide, signature tier for Idylwilde Flies and owner of Fish the Swing LLC. Jeff guided many years at Alaska West for Deneki Outdoors and spe

Blog Post by Scott Haugen The following blog post comes to us from Fish Alaska contributing editor and noted angler Scott Haugen, whose many books are available through his website. If humans had as s

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