Seafood Tips for Recipes

Alaska seafood tips on recipes for salmon, halibut, shrimp, and more. Alaska seafood is among the best in the world; use these tips next time you’re preparing dinner.

Guide to Shrimping in Prince William Sound

Shrimping enthusiasts love Prince William Sound for its abundant shrimp populations and breathtaking scenery. Learn how to fill your pots and freezer with this delicious, sweet shrimp. by Nick Olzenak Shrimping Read More...

Guide to Shrimping in Prince William Sound2024-04-10T16:37:27-08:00

How to Cook Salmon

How to cook salmon perfectly is a bit of an art form. You toured Alaska this summer and caught yourself a couple dozen pounds of succulent salmon fillets, but now what? We got Read More...

How to Cook Salmon2019-07-12T14:47:39-08:00

Fresh Salmon Processing

How to process fresh salmon Processing your fresh salmon at the end of the day can be a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of other things to do. However, it Read More...

Fresh Salmon Processing2019-05-13T12:19:57-08:00

Poke Salmon

by Capt. Chad Matthews O’Fish’ial Charters of Alaska Now that you have a freezer full of salmon after fishing with O’Fish’ial Charters, let’s start putting it to good use! Our featured recipes help Read More...

Poke Salmon2017-10-11T17:06:51-08:00

Smoked Salmon Basics

There's lots of ways to smoke salmon and even more opinions on the brines that impart the best flavor. I was one of the judges at our 2011 recipe contest and tasted just Read More...

Smoked Salmon Basics2020-05-26T13:07:59-08:00

5 Ways to Use Leftover Salmon

I love wild Alaska salmon, especially king salmon, but as leftovers it usually doesn’t do it for me…that is until I tried it in the following ways, which make extras usable instead of Read More...

5 Ways to Use Leftover Salmon2017-10-27T15:58:34-08:00

Halibut Cakes

Makes 10 medium sized cakes Wayne and I had dinner with Marcus and his family recently. He had some halibut thawed from a trip to Seward this past August with Captain Will and Read More...

Halibut Cakes2017-10-09T16:02:54-08:00

Spicy Pumpkin and Shrimp Soup

This delicious soup represents the quintessential fall comfort food, with a little help from a locally-harvested pumpkin. I created this soup at Marcus’ house when it was time to pull pumpkins from his Read More...

Spicy Pumpkin and Shrimp Soup2017-10-10T08:29:59-08:00

Farmer’s Market Halibut Wrap

Blog Post by Melissa Norris Besides fresh Alaskan fish and seafood, there is little I love more to eat than fresh, organic, locally-grown produce and while they are equally marvelous separate, together they Read More...

Farmer’s Market Halibut Wrap2017-10-10T15:12:00-08:00
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