Jig Life Episode 6

Big 3 Bottomfish at Kodiak Legends Lodge In Episode 6 of the Jig Life, Marcus and the crew head to Kodiak to fish the Big 3 Bottomfish with Kodiak Read More...

Jig Life Episode 62024-01-02T14:08:25-09:00

Boating Accessories Part 1

Boating accessories are among the most impactful items you can add to your boat to make it fish better. In this video, Fish Alaska Editor George Krumm shares information Read More...

Boating Accessories Part 12022-11-01T12:05:12-08:00

Making Spey Swivels

by George Krumm Spey swivels prevent twist in your running line, thereby reducing the frustration and downtime that twisted, coiled, kinked running line causes. They make your running line perform Read More...

Making Spey Swivels2022-09-30T15:35:15-08:00

Making Double Braided Loops

by George Krumm Double braided loops will help make the factory loops of your fly lines and sink-tips last indefinitely. They serve as the junction between sink-tips and leader material, or Read More...

Making Double Braided Loops2022-09-30T15:35:59-08:00

Fishing Videos

Alaska fishing videos can be helpful resources for any fisherman, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned angler. Enjoy a variety of different Alaska fishing videos ranging from our favorite fishing Read More...

Fishing Videos2022-07-05T16:30:49-08:00

How-To Fishing Videos

Check out these videos exploring how-to fishing tips, tricks, and techniques in Alaska.

How-To Fishing Videos2021-01-20T09:12:46-09:00

Lodge & Charter Videos

Alaska fishing lodges and charters vary across our vast state depending on location, target species, budget, and fishing styles. Here are some videos from a few of our favorite fishing lodges and charters Read More...

Lodge & Charter Videos2018-12-28T15:12:55-09:00

Fishing Gear Videos

Check out the videos below for tips, tricks, and gear for your Alaska fishing trip!

Fishing Gear Videos2023-01-20T09:56:42-09:00

Ice Fishing Videos

Check out these videos for information on ice fishing in Alaska.

Ice Fishing Videos2023-07-14T10:31:34-08:00

Rainbow Trout Fishing Videos

Check out these videos for information on fishing for rainbows in Alaska.

Rainbow Trout Fishing Videos2017-11-29T08:46:04-09:00

King Salmon Flies for Fishing in Alaska

Here are some of the author's favorite flies for kings and how to tie them. Check out these king salmon fly tying videos for Alaska's fly anglers. These how-to fly tying videos include the Prom Dress Read More...

King Salmon Flies for Fishing in Alaska2018-09-27T13:22:39-08:00

Safety and Survival Videos

Find videos on safety and survival while fishing in Alaska below.

Safety and Survival Videos2017-10-27T17:04:51-08:00

Sample Subscriber Bonus Video

How to Tie an Egg Sucking Leech Want to see more great videos created by Fish Alaska magazine just for you? This fly tying video is an example of the useful videos we Read More...

Sample Subscriber Bonus Video2017-10-27T17:05:13-08:00

Fly Fishing Videos

Check out these videos for in-depth fly-fishing information in Alaska.

Fly Fishing Videos2017-10-27T17:06:19-08:00

Halibut Videos

Check out these videos for information on fishing for halibut in Alaska.

Halibut Videos2019-05-28T09:07:47-08:00
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