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April 2018
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COVER / Stimulator pattern from the fly box of Adam Cuthriell of FishHound Expeditions © Kathryn Cuthriell

Cutthroats, with a Dash of Salt
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr. 56

During late summer, sea-run cutthroat offer wonderful angling options where they are found. Don Thomas writes about the unique sea-run cutthroat flyfishing opportunities that can be found in Prince William Sound and Southeast Alaska, in saltwater, estuaries and above tidewater in streams.

Pinks on the Dry
by Terry Sheely 64

Pinks often take a back seat to more desirable species of salmon in Alaska. This reputation is not deserved. Terry Sheely explains how to maximize sport while flyfishing for pinks with dry flies. Pinks on dries are challenging and exciting, and they are willing enough players to make for very enjoyable fishing even on top.

Top Terrestrial Patterns for Grayling
by Mike Lunde 70

Grayling are willing, opportunistic feeders and are a terrific quarry to pursue with dry flies. Mike Lunde describes nine effective terrestrial imitations to cover the gamut of insects from ants to hoppers, beetles and bees, as well as how to fish them and tackle used to deliver terrestrial imitations to grayling.

Clearwater Fishing Tactics
by Adam Cuthriell 76

Guide Adam Cuthriell of FishHound Expeditions fishes the fabled waters of Bristol Bay as well as streams in the Southcentral region of Alaska. Many flyfishers in Alaska spend the vast majority of their time using flesh and egg imitations, but Adam points out that in clear water, trout often want something else, particularly at certain times of the year. Insects and mice are two great options often overlooked for fishing clear water streams in Alaska.

Little Big Things
by Jeremy Anderson 84

The little things can make all the difference. Jeremy Anderson of Alaska Drift Away Fishing guides on the Kenai River from spring through fall and has some great pointers regarding preparation, observation and adapting to situational variables that can lead you to greater success in your pursuit of Walter.

Special Section: Great Alaska Sportsman Show Official Guide 2018 11

Learn what’s happening at this year’s Great Alaska Sportsman Show April 5-8. From seminars to show specials, check out the official show guide.

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