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On The Cover

Shannon Martin, Executive Director of the Kenai River Sportfishing Association, hooked into this prime Kenai River rainbow trout fishing with fishing guide Dallas Voss of Explore Kenai.

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20 Lessons in 20 Years: A Guide’s Journey of Kenai Trout Fishing by Jeremy Anderson

20 years of guiding anglers on the Kenai River have taught Alaska Drift Away Fishing co-owner Jeremy Anderson a lot about trout, and a lot about people. 100 days a year guiding will do that to person, and in this article, Jeremy shares some of his hard-earned wisdom.


Flyfishing Strategies for Coho by Robert Campbell

Coho salmon (AKA silvers) are prized by anglers for their numbers, their aggressiveness, and their quality on the table. Because they can be so aggressive, they are a fine quarry to pursue with the long rod. Robert Campbell has lots of experience targeting silvers with fly gear and shares his knowledge in this article.


Occam’s Fly Box: Beginner Patterns for Alaska by Joe Jackson

It’s often said the simplest solution is the best one. This applies to flyfishing as much as anything else. Though fly tyers often spend an inordinate amount of time tying complex patterns, fish often seem much less critical of what we put in front of them. Joe picked four simple patterns to stock his own “Occam’s box.”


Swimbait Trout by JD Richey

It is undeniable that the health of Alaska’s riverine trout and char is definitely tied to salmon eggs and salmon flesh. However, that isn’t all they eat. Trout and char eat lots of baitfish, too. Gear anglers can cash in on this by fishing swimbaits that imitate fry, smolts, and sculpins.