August/September 2018



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August/September 2018
Fall In!

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Bead Fishing: A Case for Not Matching the Hatch
by JD Richey 46

No doubt, since the explosion of the use of plastic spheres to imitate salmon eggs started in the early 90s, trout seem to have become, for lack of a better word, smarter. Matching the “hatch” of salmon eggs, both size and color, is often necessary. However, JD explains that this conventional wisdom isn’t always accurate.

Falling for Silvers
by Terry W. Sheely 52

Terry Sheely knows a thing or two about Alaska coho fishing because he’s seen a thing or two. In this piece he outlines a baker’s dozen hotspots in which to mine silver during August and September, from Kodiak Island to Ketchikan.

Catching Big Trout in Rivers when Salmon are Scarce
by Ben Rowell 62

Late fall is a dynamic time on Alaska’s trout streams. As the egg and flesh conveyor belt slows down, trout begin to be susceptible to techniques other than beads and flesh flies under an indicator. Ben shares tips and tricks to find and catch more trout when salmon aren’t present.

Make Mine a Seven
by E. Donnall Thomas Jr. 68

With such a wide range of species and sizes of fish available for fly fishing in Alaska, and the corresponding limitations of what you can actually take with you on your trip, choosing the right rod or rods can be a daunting decision. Don Thomas shares his experience in handling this dilemma.

Salty Coho
by Tim Bouchard 76

Tim Bouchard shares his expertise on targeting silvers. Trolling, mooching and jigging are all discussed. Though Tim’s experience is based on fishing silvers out of Valdez, the techniques he uses apply to other saltwater ports where silvers are found.

COVER / Brian and Dakota Kraft enjoy some father/daughter time while catching awesome Bristol Bay rainbows. © Brian Kraft, Alaska Sportsman’s Lodge

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