February 2005 | 2005 Travel Planner, Part 2


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Simon & Seaforts’ Smoked Reindeer

Tenderloin & King Crab Legs

Final Drift 82


Teeny Talks Tackle 

By Jim Teeny 

Gearing up for your Alaska adventure is easy when you choose proven equipment. 

Fast Cat Fishin’ 

By Larry Dunmire 

Catfish in Alaska? Not quite. Barn doors and icebergs in Petersburg from the deck of a fast, new catamaran. 

New Times in Old Harbor 

by Melissa Norris 

Publisher Melissa Norris explores the history and superb saltwater fishing in southwest Alaska.

Pike Paradise 

by Marcus Weiner

In the midst of the worst wildfire season ever, publisher Marcus Weiner takes on the largest freshwater fish in Alaska. Hot days, hot fishing!

I Want to Go Back to Chignik 

By Editor Troy Letherman 

Choose any one: Chignik Bay, Chignik Lake or Chignik Lagoon. Fishing in this beautiful place is unrivaled and relatively untouched. 

FA Fish Anchorage 

by Scott Haugen 

Scott Haugen takes you on a “quick” tour of fishing spots either in Alaska’s largest city, or within a few minutes drive.

Fish Alaska Technique Blue Plate Special: Flesh & Eggs 

by Richard Johnson 

Many times in Alaska waters choosing the right fly has nothing to do with the “hatch.” Here are some of the most effective flesh and egg flies and how to fish them, presented by expert fly enthusiast Richard Johnson.

COVER/Publisher Marcus Weiner and Bill O’Halloran with a trophy-size pike. © George O’Halloran