July 2005 | Comprehensive Pacific Salmon Issue


Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 12

Book Review 16

Fish Recipe 78

Roasted Alaskan Oysters

by Mick Hug of Mick’s at the Inlet.

Advertiser Index 79

Final Drift 82


How Do Fish See? 44

Part four in a Fish Alaska Science series.

by Daniel Bagur

Fish Alaska Road System, Kodiak 71

Try the Kodiak road system to fish coho with spinners they love to hate.

by publisher Marcus Weiner

Make Your Own Spinners 76

Fish Alaska demonstrates making your own spinners.


Pheasant-tail Nymph 

by Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf

Get to the bottom for great returns with this wet fly.

Back-Trolling for Kings 

by Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen shows you a slower technique for hot king action.

Flashers & Dodgers 

by Chris Shaffer

Using the right attractors can certainly increase your catch. Using them the right way can make it even better.

Stillwater Primer 

by Dave Atcheson

Dave Atcheson suggests you find yourself on the calming waters of a lake for some relaxing fishing.

Humpy Heaven 

by Jim Teeny

Jim Teeny likes to fish for these scrappy little fish—the secret is light gear for a great experience.

Chum Time 

by Andy Bullick

Timing the runs in western Alaska when fishing chum salmon makes an exciting trip for the experienced as well as novice fisherman.

Tackling the Alagnak 

by publisher Melissa Norris

With so many opportunities to choose from, this wild, and scenic river is always a prime choice.

COVER / An Alagnak chum salmon. © Wayne Norris