July 2012 | Egg Special

July 2012


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EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle 26

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He is the Egg Man

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

In search of the best solution to one of Alaska’s fishing challenges, E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. shares a real innovation in artificial egg fishing.

Float & Egg Fishing for Salmon

by JD Richey

JD Richey shows how to excite previously disinterested coho by using a float and salmon eggs.

Egg Presentations for Salmon

by Scott Haugen

Contributing Editor Scott Haugen shares his wisdom of the different approaches one can take in fishing with eggs in Alaska.

Bird Creek Silvers

by George Krumm

Here’s a thorough overview of George Krumm’s techniques for getting a cooler full of silvers from the popular and accessible Bird Creek fishery near Anchorage.

Trout & the Egg

by Troy Letherman

Editor Troy Letherman explains how to benefit from the relationship between Alaska’s trophy trout and the abundant salmon eggs they feed on.