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On The Cover

Gavin Anderson, enjoying some quality fishing time with family on the Kenai River. © Jeremy and Andrea Anderson



Multispecies Prep’ by Scott Haugen

The author writes: “If heading to Alaska this summer or coming fall, and catching multiple species is your goal, there are certain things to consider…Going in prepared will help make those fishing dreams reality.” In this piece, experienced Alaska angler, Scott Haugen, provides a comprehensive treatise to help you determine what you need to take if multiple species are on the agenda.



Small Plugs for Sockeye by JD Richey

Sockeye do bite! The keys are fishing water in which they are resting (even if momentarily) rather than traveling, and using lures that are appealing to them. JD Richey has cracked the code to consistently inciting bright sockeye salmon to willfully bite lures in rivers. Tired of flossing reds? Try plugging for them instead.



Inflows and Outflows by Andrew Cremata

In most watersheds, certain places seem to hold the majority of the fish. In Alaska lake/river systems, inflows and outflows are places that often provide consistent action. Andrew Cremata and his trusty sidekick, Rufus, routinely search for and target such places for grayling and lake trout. Doing battle with eagles and bees is a bonus.



Where Rivers Meet the Sea by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

Estuaries are dynamic, containing fresh, brackish or salt water depending upon the stage of the tide. They are places all anadromous fish must pass through on their way to the spawning grounds. They are also places where the fly-rod angler can catch anadromous fish at their absolute prime—both for eating- and sporting quality. Sea-run cutts and dollies, as well as all five species of Pacific salmon native to North America can be caught in estuaries. Don Thomas shares his vast experience on flyfishing estuaries in this piece.