June 2012 | Saltwater Special

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Editor’s Creel 6

Alaska Traveler 8

Gear Bag 12

Fishing for a Compliment 16

Tackle Tech 22

Salmon Sense 24

EZ Limits: A Guide’s Angle 26

Fish Alaska Fly 28

Fish Alaska Boats 30

Fish Alaska Saltwater 34

Fish Alaska Stillwater 36

Tight Lines 38

Fish Alaska Recipe 86

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Final Drift 90


Saving Rockfish 

by E. Donnall Thomas Jr

Showing us the difficult predicament of Alaska’s rockfish species, E. Donnall Thomas, Jr. explains how to fish responsibly.

Green Things & Yellow Eyes

by Terry Sheely

Terry Sheely shares his love of fishing for the big bottomfeeders with teeth!

Shrimp Fever: Catch it! 

by Scott Haugen

There’s a growing number of fishermen going after Alaska shrimp. Contributing Editor Scott Haugen shows us the ropes.

Wandering Petersburg

by Andrew Cremata

Andrew Cremata continues his exploration of the Southeast panhandle, finding fish and friends aplenty in Alaska’s “Little Norway”.

Halibut on the Fly

by John Rantz

Using a fly rod? For halibut? John Rantz tells readers how to succeed and even excel with techniques that used to be unthinkable.

Halibut Highways & Migration Routes

by Captain Tat Tatterson

Captain Tat Tatterson goes deep with a practical look at halibut migration routes, and explains what motivates these giants of the sea.