June 2021


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Saltwater Soirees


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44 Jigging for Bottomfish
by Marcus Weiner
Jigging for bottomfish is fun and can result in pounds of succulent, white fillets to grace your dinner table. Pacific halibut, lingcod and rockfish are plentiful in Alaska and Publisher Marcus Weiner shares years of experience to help you with technique, rods and reels, and tackle to use to up your jigging game.

50 Doing Time in the Sitka Silver Mine
by George Krumm
Editor George Krumm enjoyed his June 2020 do-it-yourself Sitka trip for kings and halibut through Fish Baranof so much, he just had to go back later in the summer to try a DIY trip for silvers with his sister, Delores and cousin, Tom. The result was heavy fish boxes full of coho and bottomfish for the trip home. If you’re interested in a DIY trip to a location smack dab in the middle of the west coast’s salmon superhighway, plus bountiful halibut and other bottomfish, read this article.

60 By Cod It’s True
by Terry W. Sheely
Neglected. That is perhaps the best way to describe many Alaska sport anglers’ treatment of Pacific cod (AKA true cod, gray cod), and it’s their loss. Cod are delicious, and some people actually prefer their moist, flaky white meat to halibut. Cod are abundant in Alaska waters. Sheely tells you how to catch them.

70 Tunnel Vision & Alaska’s Paradise—Prince William Sound
by Troy Buzalsky
The outer islands of Prince William Sound have long been known as great producers of big lingcod and halibut. For years, these areas were the domain of charter-boat operators, but private-boat anglers with the right vessel can reach this area, too. Troy Buzalsky and friends embarked on a three-day, do-it-yourself adventure to pursue outsized halibut and lings, as well as spot prawns.


On the Cover: Tom Krumm hoists a nice halibut caught out of Sitka on a do-it-yourself adventure with his cousins, George and Delores Krumm. © George Krumm

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