October / November 2004 | Southcentral Alaska Introspective


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The Alaska Traveler 12

Alaska Fishing News 16

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Halibut Corn Cakes from Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge

Final Drift 82

Fishing with Annette



Seven Steps to Survival 

by Tom Watson

Tom Watson provides some excellent advice in this Fish Alaska exclusive How-to. Cut it out. Take it with you; it may save your life.

Ride into the Wild 

by Dave Atcheson

Bicycle to these beautiful fishing destinations in Southcentral with Dave Atcheson.

Big Times at Big Lake 

by George Krumm

Ice fishing for trophy char on one of the most accessible lakes in Alaska.

Grayling Unlimited 

by Jerry Wylie

Clear streams and unspoiled beauty are where you will find these beautiful, voracious fish.

All in a Day’s Work 

by Marcus Weiner

Publisher Marcus Weiner takes a whirlwind tour of Southcentral day-trips and makes some recommendations

Fish Alaska: Chenega 

by Associate publishers Kathy Anderson and Pat Speranza

Associate publishers Kathy Anderson and Pat Speranza go fishing in the backyard of the beautiful Jumping Salmon Lodge.

Special Technique

Freezing Feet & Frozen Fish 

Ice fishing Alaska’s interior lakes can be a rewarding social affair. The cold can also make “candy-asses” out of the best fishermen.

COVER/Wayne Norris with a giant char—float tubing has its rewards!© Marcus Weiner