October / November 2007 | Species Variety Issue


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Fish Alaska Special

Fishing Kayaks 72

Fishing from kayaks is a natural component of its utility. Tom Watson takes you on a tour of possibilities in these specially designed, sea-going, stable platforms that get you in (or out) to where the fish are.


Fish Alaska All-Tackle: Mission Planning on Ice 

by George Krumm

Ice master George Krumm offers techniques and advice for planning the perfect ice fishing expedition.

Yukon Adventure 

by Bob Wheeler

Bob Wheeler voyages to the Nowitna River for monster pike and the occasional sheefish.

Fish Alaska Fly: Hickman’s Flesh-Eating Sculpin 

by Jeff Hickman

Jeff Hickman designed this flashy fly to mimic the off- balance, helpless sculpin that’s just bit off more than he can chew and it drives trout crazy.

Saltwater Dollies 

by E. Donnall Thomas

Straight from the sea, these game fish put up a good fight on their way back to their natal streams.

Fish Alaska Travel: Jurassic Park 

by Bob Robb

Bob Robb steps back to a time before the huge cruise ships invaded the pristine waters of southeast Alaska.

Got Yurt? 

by Dave Zoby

Dave Zoby reveals the pleasures of low-impact, comfortable recreation fishing accommodations in the Cook Inlet region.


by Bruce Leonard

The Copper River Valley truly trumps the promises of travel brochures with beautiful scenery,  fabulous fishing and historic sites. Join Bruce Leonard as he explores them all.


by Andrew Cremata

Scenic beauty and extraordinary fishing converge in the remote southeast community of Skagway. Andrew Cremata shows you what the tour boats miss.

COVER / Troy Letherman with an American Creek beauty. © Dusan Smetana