October / November 2009 | Travel Special


Editor’s Creel 6 

Alaska Traveler 12 

Fishing for a Compliment 16

Haugen’s Tackle Tech 22 

Fish Alaska Boats 26 

Reading Rivers 30 

Fish Alaska Recipe 76 

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Final Drift 82

Fish Alaska Special

Derby Roundup 74 

Did you enter a fishing derby this summer? Want to know how big the winning fish was? And who caught it? Here are all the winners in one place!


Fish Alaska Travel: Grand Adventure on the Koktuli 

by Les Palmer

Veteran fisherman Les Palmer leads this expedition for three generations on the Koktuli River.

Little Boy Creeks

by René Limeres

Some of our most priceless memories are fishing with dad (or mom). Here are some suggestions to get you out with your kids and share your passion for fishing with them. René Limeres brings it all back (and forward).

Streaming into Thorne Bay

by Scott Haugen

Scott Haugen takes a trip to beautiful Southeast for a wide variety of virtually untouched fresh and saltwater fishing.

Wandering Ketchikan

by Andrew Cremata

We turned Andrew Cremata loose on the charming town of Ketchikan to see what he’d do there . . . quite a lot of exploring and fishing (of course).

Fish Alaska Fly: The “Lawyer” Fly 

by G.B.Barnard

So good it’s bad–the Egg-Sucking Leech has got to be the fly of choice for Alaska fly fishermen. G.B. Barnard shows how it’s done properly for great results with a spey rod.

COVER/A perfect chrome coho. © Jim Klug