October / November 2014 | Biking Into The Backcountry

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Holiday Gift Guide  
It’s time once again to start thinking about holiday gift ideas. Whether it is picking out something for your angling buddy or family members or your loved ones are looking for ideas on what to get you, here is part one of our Editors’ picks for holiday gifts 2014.

Lake Trout: Contrasting Approaches by Tom Gruenwald 

Regardless of environment, lake trout adapt, behave and feed differently in each situation, and by understanding the variables in play, anglers can find concentrations of active fish and capably decipher the most effective means for luring them into striking. Tom Gruenwald shows us how. 

The Legend by Mike Chihuly 

From his start during the winter of 1974, author Mike Chihuly recounts years of exploring Harding Lake, plying the lake’s waters throughout each winter in search of a record lake trout.

Mountain Grayling by Steve Meyer

Alaska offers a myriad of unique fishing opportunities and for Southcentral anglers, some of the most beautiful and remote treasures are among the high-mountain grayling lakes just off the road system.   

The Future of Southeast Alaska’s Wild Salmon by Bjorn Dihle

Understanding the blessing of southeast Alaska’s 12,000-year-old legacy of salmon and people, Bjorn Dihle writes to ensure our generation is not the last to catch and eat a wild Taku, Stikine or Unuk river salmon. 

Tour de Fish by Troy Letherman

As every Alaska angler knows, getting to the fish is step one, and in our state there are many ways to do it, from floatplanes to overnight boat voyages. But for road-system anglers in southcentral Alaska, there’s often another way, utilizing the improved trail systems to combine exercise with recreation, accessing some incredible fisheries along the way.  

Cover Photo/Biking to the fish. © Thomas Bailly