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Content Contest Winner! Lauren Hoffman’s Red Salmon

A resident of Anchorage, Lauren writes, "Caught this monster red salmon on the Kenai during the beautiful Alaskan summer we had." Thanks for the photo, Lauren! Enjoy the Alaska summer and your gear Read More...

Content Contest Winner! Lauren Hoffman’s Red Salmon2017-10-09T09:19:39-08:00

Sockeye on the Fly

Non-Biters or Great Gamefish? by Jim Teeny The year 1975 marked my first trip to Alaska. We went in July and I traveled and fished with Dr. Jim Hodson and his son Kip Read More...

Sockeye on the Fly2018-01-08T11:58:42-09:00

Alagnak River: Red Rendezvous

Tackling One of Alaska's Premier Sockeye Rivers By Lance Irving and Charlie Summerville Alaska's salmon are known for spectacular aerial acrobatics, knuckle-busting runs, and fine table fare. And none of the Pacific salmon Read More...

Alagnak River: Red Rendezvous2018-01-08T12:07:28-09:00

Kenai River Sockeye

Sockeye Salmon Until one actually hooks their first sockeye salmon, it is hard to imagine such strength and speed is possible from such a compact fish. Likewise, it is unlikely that anyone can Read More...

Kenai River Sockeye2017-10-01T15:26:04-08:00
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