best fishing accessories 2021

Best accessories for fishing in Alaska range from gloves to belts, scarves to hats. We showcase some items to increase warmth and style in this section. We also feature some polarized sunglasses, which are essential for fishing in Alaska rivers, particularly those that are non-glacially influenced. They allow you to see fish more easily and also serve as eye protection from projectiles like hooks and weights.

Best accessories for fishing in Alaska in 2021

Arcade Ranger BeltArcade Ranger Belt
Stretchy, quick-clip Arcade Ranger belts have become a favorite field item for Fish Alaska’s testers in the last several years. The camo style looks great and performs perfectly as a wading belt, on adventures, and about town. Holsters slip easily on this belt to hold bear spray, knives and tools.
best accessoriesOomingmak Smokering
No fiber is more classically Alaskan than qiviut, and the Alaskan artists from Oomingmak Musk Ox Producers’ Co-operative hand knit some of the most delicate and intricate, functional pieces of art that scream Alaska and yet are highly-functional for the outdoors. A favorite piece is the Nelson Island’s Diamond pattern Nachaq, also known as a smokering. It is cozy, warm, beautiful and functional on the water.
Gorilla Grip A5Gorilla Grip A5 Cut Protection Filet Gloves, 25890-26
These gloves are built to the ANSI A5 standard, which means that it requires 2,200 grams of force to cause a cut. That’s pretty significant force; more than you’re likely to use while filleting fish. We used these to protect our hands while filleting rockfish, and they worked well. Being made from a reinforced cloth material, they are very comfortable and allow good dexterity.
Fishe Dolly Vee Wading BeltFishe Dolly Vee Wading Belt
Fishe accessories always make our fishing ensemble just a little cuter. Our female testers are obvious fans. This Dolly Vee pattern that came out last summer is bright and cheerful with a fabulous color scheme. The wading belts are durable and fully adjustable to fit most sizes.
Wiley X Peak SunglassesWiley X Peak Sunglasses
The frames are comfortable and provide excellent eye protection. Wiley X’s Captivate polarized copper lenses are a good all-around pick for Alaska, and allow you to see into the water in a variety of light conditions. They offer 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity. Make sure you wear polarized glasses when fishing, both for the ability to see into the water, but also for protection from flying projectiles.
Costa Permit SunglassesCosta Permit Sunglasses
Field tested all season long on the saltwater of Kodiak, the Permit glasses by Costa were a smash hit, earning them a spot among the best accessories in 2021. The design allows for very little light to come in around the edges to help block out sunlight and glare. Our tester chose the matte gray frames and blue polycarbonate lenses.
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