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Lots of Ways to Skin a Silver: River Tactics for Silver Salmon

by Jeremy Anderson

Silver salmon fishing in Alaska is something everyone can enjoy, and there are many techniques for putting fish in the boat—or on the bank. Brush up on them all here.

Egg Fly-Fishing Secrets

by Dave Kilhefner

Every fall millions of salmon lay billions of eggs, creating a feeding frenzy trout can’t resist, and for Alaska anglers looking to capitalize, here’s how to take your egg fly-fishing to the next level and beyond.

Moraine Creek Strategies

by Larry Tullis

Moraine Creek is a dream stream for those who seek to sight-fish for big native rainbows in pristine conditions. If this stream is on your bucket list, here are some suggestions on how to plan, fish and execute the trip.

North to Naha

by Terry W. Sheely

Follow hot red Xs to hotter fall silvers in a standout saltwater Mecca in a state full of standout salmon Meccas. Contributing Editor Terry Sheely takes us there in style, with bent rods all along the way.

Naknek Comprehensive

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

The overall Naknek River ecosystem produces some of the biggest, strongest rainbow trout in the world, and anglers equipped with the right knowhow, having timed it right, can experience fishing that’s likewise second to none.

COVER/ Heath Lyon of Alaska’s Sportsman’s Bear Trail Lodge caught this nice rainbow on the Naknek River. ©K8 Taylor