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Twitch ’n Pitch Coho
by Scott Haugen 38

Working for late-season coho on the Kenai, Scott Haugen dials up a few different tactics to ring in the fish. Whether casting plugs or twitching jigs tied directly to the mainline, the fish kept coming to hand—here he divulges the tackle and techniques you need to make it happen, too. 

Nymphing Alaska
by Larry Tullis 44

Many anglers in Alaska have already nymphed egg imitations at one time or another, but Larry Tullis reminds us there is a lot more (and more traditional) nymphing to be done in the 49th state. Whether there’s an impending hatch or not, Alaska’s trout, grayling and char will readily munch nymphs and
the prepared angler will have a variety on hand at
all times. 

Saving Time with Liquids
& Brines

by George Krumm 52

With silvers in the rivers now, this is a great time to gather the ingredients to make your own brines or to buy some pre-made liquid egg cures. Here Contributing Editor George Krumm takes you through each option and explains how it’s done.

Topwater Strategies for
Northern Pike
by Mike Lunde 60

Northern pike are considered one of the dominant freshwater predators in Alaska, and this article is all you need to read before getting out there and tying on a topwater—then tying into a trophy pike.

Chrome Combos
by Troy Letherman 68

On their own, Alaska’s trout and the state’s coho salmon draw visitors from points across the globe, but for fall anglers heading to Bristol Bay, there’s plenty of opportunity to take on both within the same trip, setting the stage for some magical days on the water.