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On The Cover

When you’re looking for the biggest silver salmon in a hole, large “king”-sized plugs are the way to go. © JD Richey



Backtrolling Really Big Plugs for Coho by JD Richey

Silver salmon temperament reminds us of Donald Trump on the debate stage: Bullish. Aggressive. Sometimes downright mean. There are usually a lot of silvers when you find them. So, how do you catch the biggest bully in the pool? Challenge him. Go big or go home. JD Richey shares his experience using big plugs more appropriate for Chinook to target coho. So, don’t sell all your K15s, 4.5 and 5.0 Mag Lips just yet. Big silvers will whack ‘em.



Hone Your Silver Arsenal for Northland Success by Robert H. Campbell

August and September are prime time for Alaska coho—a fish that can be pugnacious and aggressive one minute—and tight-lipped and stoic the next. Robert Campbell has spent a lot of time chasing Alaska silvers, and in this piece he helps you learn where to find them, as well as techniques to catch them once you do.



Jig Up a Silver by Terry W. Sheely

August and September are silver time! Silvers are susceptible to many techniques, but jigging for them is underutilized. According to Sheely, “Jigs may be the unsung silver lure of this sport. They are easy to fish, work great with light tackle, cast a mile to cover maximum water, and can be worked on one cast from surface green down 150 feet in the dark.”



Dances with Pigs by Nicholas Ohlrich

Landing big rainbows from a boat is never a sure thing, but having a consistent battle plan, and learning to do the rainbow trout hokey-pokey, can turn an iffy proposition into more probable victory. Nick Ohlrich shares his experience dancing with pigs on the middle Kenai.