December 2004 | Special Destinations Issue, The Nushagak River System


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Petite Filet with Three Peppercorn Sauce & Alaskan Seafood Strudel with Crayfish Butter Sauce

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Special Destination

The Nushagak River System An overview of this 10,000-square-mile fishing wonderland,complete with map, how to get there, where to stay and lots of other hot tips.

By Troy Letherman


Nush Kings on the Fly 

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

A premier destination for Alaska’s most challenging fly rod quarry. E. Donnall Thomas, Jr., takes you there.

Boon-Dogging Alaska Kings 

By Terry Sheely

Who needs Fourth of July fireworks when there’s action like these silver shooters?

After the Kings 

by Marcus Weiner

Alaska’s largest king run is followed by a pack of silvers that are every bit as eager to take your line.
Publisher Marcus Weiner finds all the action.

Catch & Keep on the Nushagak 

by Editor Troy Letherman

Even though most fishermen release their catch on this river, there are things that are certainly meant to be kept.

The Chili 

By Les Gara

The Chilikadrotna River provides more than just spectacular fishing for this floating expedition.

The Other Nush 

by J.D. Richey

Host to 5 species of Pacific Salmon, the Nushagak also offers an abundance of almost every other
freshwater fish in Alaska.

COVER/A gorgeous Nushagak rainbow. © Troy Letherman