February 2017



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February 2017 | Leap into Fishing Alaska in 2017

February 2017


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Destination Kodiak
by Troy Letherman 38

Visit Kodiak, beginning with epic freshwater fishing to be had across the island, whether on a fly-out or remote float or on the road system, one of the best-kept angling secrets on the planet. There is also prolific salmon, halibut and rockfish angling found offshore, and anywhere on Kodiak are you never more than 15 miles from saltwater.

Destination Alaska Derbies
by Rick Birch 50

Rick Birch headed afield last summer to check out three of Alaska’s biggest and most popular fishing derbies in Seward and Homer, and his full report report is right here.

Counting on Icy Bay
by Troy Buzalsky 56

Located on the Lost Coast between Yakutat and Cordova and steps from some of the best coho fishing water in the world, Icy Bay Lodge is Troy Buzalsky’s destination for six days of fishing nirvana in early September, targeting fresh, healthy and spirited silvers.

Iliamna Paradise
by John Cleveland 64

Special days full of bountiful quantities of big fish are a gift, not a given, but on the waters regularly visited by Rainbow King Lodge, author John Cleveland discovers they can be the norm. Join him for the trip of a lifetime on the blue-ribbon waters of western Alaska.

Pybus Point
by Marcus Weiner 72

Join the 2016 Sportsman’s Warehouse Sweepstakes winner for a wild week of fishing at Pybus Point Lodge, fishing calm, protected waters free from the long ocean swell of the North Pacific, with little competition from other anglers. It all adds up to an adventure well worth a prize.

Big Boats & Endless Coves
by Marcus Weiner 80

It would take several lifetimes to begin to explore all the nooks and crannies of southeast Alaska, but that’s what Jeff Polizzotto, owner of Alaska Wolf Lodge Charters, is trying to do while yachting this watery paradise, putting his clients on piles of fish in one of the most picturesque regions of the world.

Lake Creek Catch-and-Release Kings
by George Krumm 82

Fish Alaska Contributing Editor George Krumm visits Southcentral’s Lake Creek in search of the river’s famous king salmon, finding plenty of success fishing from Lake Creek Lodge.


COVER / John Douglas, winner of the 2016 Sportsman’s Warehouse Sweepstakes, with a fine yelloweye rockfish caught at Pybus Point Lodge. © Brian Woobank

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