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On The Cover

Big, beautiful rainbow trout are one of the signature fish of American Creek. © Melissa Norris



Celebrating Bristol Bay by Melissa Norris

“To celebrate the EPA’s final decision to issue Clean Water Act safeguards for the headwaters of Bristol Bay, Fish Alaska, Trout Unlimited, Bristol Adventures, Yellow Dog Flyfishing and Simms teamed up to give away a trip of a lifetime to Kulik Lodge. And the very lucky Phil Shugart of Medford, Oregon, was randomly selected as the winner of a four-night trip for two to Kulik last September.” Publisher Melissa Norris summarizes the trip to Kulik Lodge with Phil, his daughter Kali, Kali’s fiancé, Tim, Phil’s stepson, Josh, and Melissa’s brother, Marcus.



Come on up Uncle Steve—Let’s go fishing! by Steve Lumsden

Steve Lumsden and his brother, Jeff, joined nephew Paul at Kodiak Island for a smorgasbord of fishy action in both salt water and fresh. The salt chuck produced a mixed bag of Chinook, halibut, and other bottomfish, while the overland ride to Saltery River produced limits of prime sockeyes.



Surprise! Ketchikan is Still for Fishermen by Terry W. Sheely

Whether you’re a hardcore angler intent on unguided saltwater fishing, a tourist on a cruise ship, or a serious angler looking for top-notch charter-boat fishing, Ketchikan has a fishing option for you. Non-anglers also have plenty to do in this tourist town with shopping, entertainment, history, culture, flight-seeing adventures, and other attractions available.



Dolly Varden, Arctic Char by E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Is it a Dolly Varden, or an Arctic char? That question may never be fully resolved. In some places, it seems easy to tell the two apart, but in other places, the lines are blurred. Despite obvious phenotypic