January 2011 | 2011 Travel Issue, Part 2

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Goodnews or Gilgamesh?

by Troy Letherman

FA editor Troy Letherman gets himself into a flood of water, fish and emotion at the Goodnews River Lodge.

Fish Alaska Travel: My Top 5 Salmon Adventures

by Scott Haugen

No matter your level of expertise or your interest, Alaska has something for everyone. Here’s a look at Scott Haugen’s most memorable fishing adventures.

Silvers from the Wild Coast

by E. Donnall Thomas, Jr.

What could be more enticing? Great water, beautiful fish, bears and spectacular scenery. Throw in first-class accommodations and you can experience the Wild Coast as E. Donnall and Lori Thomas have.

A Pilgrim’s Guide to Tourist Vacations

by Dan Bonney

Dan Bonney of Eagle River is an expert in unpaid, mostly unappreciated Alaska trip-planning for friends and relatives visiting the Last Frontier. Here he shares his experience at making their trips great and memorable.

Fish Bumming through Southeast

by Terry Sheely

Join Terry Sheely as he “runs and guns and stays on top of the bite” across beautiful Southeast. If things cool off, they pick up and zoom to a better spot, staying on the boat or at a variety of lodges along the way.

COVER/A hefty Rocky River silver. Photo © Melissa Norris