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On The Cover
Melissa “Mele” Wong is pretty stoked to harvest this north Pacific giant octopus to share with her parents in Hawaii. © Melissa Norris

Packed for Adventure by John Cleveland
It doesn’t matter if you’ve traveled to Alaska once or many times, planning and packing for your trip can be challenging for some. John Cleveland has been on his share of trips and shares his experience to help make your first—or your fifth—trip to Alaska just a little easier.

Freshwater Timing Basics by Andrew Cremata
When it comes to fishing in Alaska, for many species, and for many locations, timing is everything. But how do you time a fishery or a species or a location? The fish don’t look at a calendar like we do. Whether you’re after salmon, lake trout, northern pike, grayling, or whitefish, knowing when to fish is just as important as knowing what to use for bait.

A “Wale” of a Last Fish Tale by Terry W. Sheely
Author, Terry Sheely, has been fishing southeast Alaska waters with Larry “Mac” McQuarrie for over 40 years. In that time, Mac built Sportsman’s Cove Lodge into an exceptional operation. Now 82, Mac is going to retire, but southeast Alaska is part of him, and he is part of southeast Alaska. He’ll remain just a few coves away.

Firsts at Kodiak Legends by Melissa Norris
Kodiak Legends Lodge is something akin to a home away from home for Fish Alaska Publisher Melissa Norris, for good reason: Outstanding fishing for a variety of species, top-notch lodging, excellent food, and wonderful people. Melissa, Co-founder and Publisher Marcus Weiner, Graphic Artist Mele Wong, and cameraman extraordinaire Brian Woobank all met up for this year’s Kodiak extravaganza.